Affirmations & Self-Esteem


Thirteen Ways to Increase Your Self-Esteem

Confidence stays on the inside and builds from there. So whenever you want to accomplish something, picture yourself already there. See yourself successful; make it real in your mind. Close your eyes and fill in all the details–how it would feel, how you would behave, how others would behave in response. Then put what you see into action. As you think, so you are.
Say nice things to other people. Make a list of the things you would like and appreciate in others. Lend a helping hand when you can. By helping others, we feel more in control of our own lives.
Perfectionism paralyzes you and keeps you from accomplishing your goals.
Your physical appearance is a critical factor in your self-esteem. Resist the urge to get sloppy on days when you feel bad. In fact, those are the days when you should take extra care to look your best.
Get regular exercise; when you can use your body effectively, you feel more in control. Listen to music, commune with nature, meditate. As you do these things, let thoughts come and go. Daydream and center yourself. What were your passions as a child? What do you fantasize about now?
List 50 reasons why you can respect yourself. If you get stuck, think of people who admire you or have admired you, and write down what they would say about you.
When you’re going through tough times, find a strength or piece of knowledge (knowledge is power, you know) that you would not otherwise have were it not this particular trauma.
Sometimes values conflict. In that case, practice role playing with a friend and explore the various consequences of each action. Then choose what feels best for you.
Do something that makes you feel good–something that’s just for you–every day.
Take a course. travel to a new place–it’s easier to try out new facets of your personality when you are away from the familiar. As you meet new challenges, you gain new confidence and enhance your sense of accomplishment.
Dispute your pessimistic beliefs. Think of misfortunes as temporary and specific instead of permanent and general. For example, “All managers are jerks” is permanent and pervasive, a view that can lead to feeling hopeless about a particular problem you’ve encountered. “He was in a bad mood this morning” is an explanation that takes the temporary/specific viewpoint. It allows hope for improvement.
When somebody behaves in a manner that you find rude or abrasive, that tells you something about that person and how he or she is feeling at the moment. Try to see the pain or fear the other person is experiencing and tackle it from that perspective.
See the humorous side of life’s everyday calamities. When you can see both the serious and humorous side of a given situation, your perspective and your approach will be more balanced. So lighten up. You’ll bounce back from disappointments and embarrassing moments more quickly, and more people will like you better, too.

Practice these positive measures to reinforce your own belief in your self worth and increase your self-esteem. Then you’ll have the master key to you own success.

Sample Affirmations

Every day in every way I’m getting better, better, and better.
Everything is coming to me easily and effortlessly.
I am a radiant being, filled with light and love.
Perfect wisdom is in my heart.
I love and appreciate myself just as I am.
I accept all my feelings as pert of myself.
The more I love myself, the move love I have to give others.
I am now attracting loving, satisfying, happy relationships into my life.
My relationship with ____________________ is growing happier and more fulfilling every day.
Abundance is my natural state of being. I accept it now!
The more I give, the more I receive, and the happier I feel.
It’s okay for me to have fun and enjoy myself, and I do!
I am vibrantly healthy and radiantly beautiful!
I am open to receiving all the blessings of this abundant universe!
I find it easy to focus on thoughts, feelings and sensations in my body.
It is easy for me to totally relax and let go.
I am totally relaxed; every muscle in my body is in a state of complete surrender.
I, ____________________ , am ready to forgive myself now.
I, _____________________, am ready to forgive those I used to blame for wronging me for some reason.
It is safe for me, ____________________, to forgive those I once blamed for wronging me.
I, _____________________, am ready to give up all my anger and resentment now.
I,___________________, am ready to relax and accept the energy that is total love.
I,__________________, can safely accept love for myself and offer forgiveness to myself and others.
All the cells in my body are daily renewing themselves, therefore I am growing stronger and stronger.
It is safe for me to accept the differences of others.
Because I love myself, I no longer need, demand, or expect other to be like me or do things my way.
Demands and expectations of others are no longer necessary, because life supplies me with my every need.
Being treated unfairly is okay with me.
I am fully responsible for everything in my experience.
I am my own greatest Hero.
Courage, I have an unlimited supply of courage.
I love every aspect of myself and am a beautiful person.
Because I love myself, I love other people.
I forgive my parents and others for their ignorant behaviour towards me.
I forgive myself for my ignorant reactions towards (parents, spouse, friend etc.)
I forgive myself for carrying all that resentment for so long.
I have the right to say no to people without losing their love.
I am totally in charge of my own life.
It is safe to be me, the way I am and the way I want to be.
I feel safe to express my feelings.
A negative attack from others is my chance to affirm my own self-love.
I no longer ask permission to do things I know should be done.
My body is in perfect health because I want it to be that way.
My body has the power to repair and heal every disease, injury or sickness in the world.
Health and happiness is my natural state.
Where I am, what I’m doing right now, is meant to be and I love every moment of it.
My life is wonderful and it is getting better all the time.
Today, positive, beautiful and loving things are going to happen to me and everyone I meet.
Today, I happily accept and am thankful to everything in my life.
Everything I give is returned to me 100 fold.
I exercise it in ways that are fun. I recognise my body as a wonderful and magnificent machine, and I feel privileged to live in it.
I love lots of Qi.

I recognise my body as a good friend. Each cell in my body has Divine Intelligence. I listen to what it tells me, and know that its advice is valid. I am always safe and protected and guided. I choose to be healthy and free and make choices that are beneficial for me.
The past has no power over me because I am willing to learn and to change. I see the past as necessary to bring me to where I am today.
I see and feel myself changing moment by moment. I am doing the best I can. Each day gets easier. Today is a wonderful day. I choose to make it so.
I am willing to change. I choose to change my thinking. I choose to change the words I use. It is easier for me to forgive than I thought. Forgiving makes me feel free and light. The more resentment I release, the more love I have to express. Changing my thoughts makes me feel good. I am learning to choose to make today a pleasure to experience.
Each moment of my life is new and fresh. I use my affirmative thinking to create what I want. This is a new day. I am a new healthy me. I think differently. I speak differently. I act differently.
I live in harmony and balance with everyone I know. Deep at the center of my being, there is love. The use of love makes me feel good, it is an expression of my inner joy. I love myself, therefore, I take loving care of my body. I feed body with nutritious foods and nourishing beverages and my body responds to me with vibrant health and Qi.



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