PDF links to various resources on other websites

pdficon_large  Stress Chart

pdficon_large[1]  Rhythm Chart

pdficon_large[2]  Average Time of Activity

pdficon_large[3]  Activity Diary

pdficon_large[4]  Activity & Rest Diary

pdficon_large[5]  Daily Activity Scheduling

pdficon_large[6]  Symptom Record

pdficon_large[7]  Symptom Monitoring

pdficon_large[8]  Sleep Diary

pdficon_large[9]  Sleep, Mood, Energy

pdficon_large[10]  Keys to recovering from Depression

pdficon_large[11]  Depression Work Sheet

pdficon_large[12]  Depression Self Help – Information and Self-Help Leaflet

pdficon_large[13]  Depression thought and Record Sheet

pdficon_large[14]  Inside Depression Strategies by Claudia Black

pdficon_large[15]  About Dealing With Depression But depressed people do get better and depression does end . There are effective treatments and self-help skills to deal with depression.

pdficon_large[16] Relaxation – About relaxation & relaxation techniques

pdficon_large[17]  Mindful Breathing – Simple Mindful Breathing exercise

pdficon_large[18]  Mindfulness – Learn and practice basic Mindfulness skills

pdficon_large[19]  Positive Steps to Wellbeing – A basic guide to the essential ingredients for mental wellbeing

pdficon_large[20]  Colour Breathing – Simple meditation using colour, & how colour affects us

pdficon_large[21] DBSA Working toward Wellness Work (Full) or to choose what you want to print out,CLICK HERE

pdficon_large[22]My Goal Worksheet

pdficon_large[23]  Self-Help Course in DBT – 60 page Adobe document – The complete CBT self-help course in 7 steps. 

pdficon_large[24]Relapse Prevention Worksheet

pdficon_large[25]CBT Thought Record

pdficon_large[26]Recognizing your Patterns

pdficon_large[27]Automatic Thought Record

pdficon_large[28]Emotion Picker (ideal to use with small children)

pdficon_large[29]CBT Worksheets  PDF File

pdficon_large[30]Safety Plan Cards (wallet size)

pdficon_large[31]Reminder Cards – 8 pocket sized cards – print onto card, or cut out then laminate

pdficon_large[32]Medication List

pdficon_large[33]Health Care Team Appointments

website Centre for Clinical Interventions – Workbooks is in Modules


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  2. Hi Milagros

    It is perfectly normal to feel sad due to grief for a lost relative or loved one, or due to disappointments and failure like losing a job.

    There is lots of various things for bipolar sufferer that can trigger an episode whether it be depression or mania/hypomania.

    Factors play a huge role in our lives, and its those factors that we need to keep an eye on, to make sure that if we are triggered, that we are able to cope somewhat with learning coping skills and from good support systems.

    Surwit is correct with its quote.

  3. Hi Dani

    Thank you for your lovely comment. Its comments like yours, that makes all the work I do worth while.

    Merry Xmas and all the best for 2013

  4. It is normal to feel sad due to grief for a lost relative or loved one, or due to
    disappointments and failure like losing a job. Surwit notes also
    that: “The change is nearly as large as you would expect to see from some diabetes-control drugs”.
    If we see the case-studies of patients suffering from depression,
    the factors that trigger a severe episode of depression vary from person to person.

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