CBT Self-Help Information Leaflets

Áll links go to the direct download on http://www.getselfhelp.co.uk/freedownloads.htm Click on image to download


stoppcards8 pocket sized cards – print onto card, or cut out then laminate

unhelpfulwithalternativesUNHELPFUL THINKING HABITS with ALTERNATIVES – Combined Unhelpful Thinking Habits + Finding Alternative Thoughts

negativeemotionsDEALING WITH NEGATIVE EMOTIONS – One sheet quick reference for Depression, Anxiety & Anger

depressionDEPRESSION – Information and self help leaflet


affirmationsPOSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS – Learn and practice making and using positive affirmations

selfesteemSELF ESTEEM – Understanding Low Self Esteem and making positive changes

colourbreathingCOLOUR BREATHING & COLOUR FOR MENTAL HEALTH – Simple meditation using colour, & how colour affects us

relaxationRELAXATION – About relaxation & relaxation techniques

wheelWHEEL OF EMOTIONS – Groups of emotions – helps to identify and describe emotions

emdrEMDR – Client information

dietHEALTHY EATING & DEPRESSION – From: mentalhealth.org.uk

endingtherapyWHAT NOW?  – ENDING THERAPY – Use with the Relapse Prevention Blueprint

suicidalCOPING WITH SUICIDAL THOUGHTS – 5 page leaflet

cardsREMINDER CARDS – 8 pocket sized cards – print onto card, or cut out then laminate


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