Life Mood

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Life Mood is a mood tracker app where you can track your daily mood. This will help you identify your mood over time.

Suffering from depression, mood disorders, anxiety or other mental illness and want to track your mood over a longer period? Then this app is for you. And it’s totally free as well.

Or do you need help with tracking your “happy project” where you want to increase you happiness over a given period? This app can prove to you that you’ve become more happy!

The app enables you to:

– Track you mood daily (or even multiple times a day) with full history so you can go back to any moment and see how you feel.
– Tag your entries for easy categorization. Could it be your mother in law who’s causing all your grief or your girlfriend who’s making you more happy than you’ve ever felt?
– Get full statistics over time enabling to see if it’s the winter times that bothers you and how you feel overall over time (maybe it’s not as bad as you think).
– Small feel good tips if the app detects that you’ve been feeling blue over a longer period.

You can of course also protect the app with a code so not everyone can get access to a very personal side of you.

Oh and did we mention that the app was free?

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