A question asked in our group with answers

The following question was asked in May 2011 and is still be answered and things added to the list.

We have decided that we would share this as we feel in doing this is to show that some of the stranger things they experience seem to be normal to a Bipolar person.

As someone with BP, which of the following have you experienced:


Unable to complete a task
Have had dark thoughts at some point
Severe anxiety over simple tasks (doing laundry, washing dishes)
Addictive Behaviour – chew nails, smoke etc..
Isolation / Agoraphobia
Have problems letting go of the past 124
Not returning calls or emails thus losing friendships 122
Experience extreme anger
Fear of crowds 114
Non stop talking at times 113
Getting oberconfident over abilities when manic
Mental abuse as a child or adult 96
Over eating at times 95
Become hypersexual then uninterested 94
Paranoid of going outside at times 92
Emotionally abused as a child 91
Picking at sores / skin / cut etc.. 88

Been bullied 85
Chastised for sleeping to much 83
Panic at the sounds of the phone ringing 81
Use substance other than prescribed medication (self medicating) 78
Obsessive compulsive 75
Hear voices or sounds that aren’t really there 70
Rejected by a parent 69
See things moving out of corner of eye that aren’t really there 66
Hypersexual 59
Write crazy letters and emails 58
Fired from your job 54
A spouse or significant other that has no clue about BP and cannot support you 52
Sexually abused as a child 51
Been called “flaky” 50
Pacing 50
Verbally abused by people in community 49
Self Harm 49
No concept of time 44
Hearing voices 43
Grew up in an alcoholic home 38
Phantom smells 35
Anxiety 35
Have an immediate family member with BP 34
Short attention span 34
Self-Esteem issues 34
Insomnia 33
Pull your hair out of your head 31
All or nothing thinking 31
Social phobia 30
Having trouble saying NO 29
Excessive guilt 28
Inability to be assertive 27
SHOULDing and MUSTing (overwhelming oneself) 27
Suicidal attempts 25
Hypersensitive to light 24
Paranoia 24
Self-Sabotaging 23
Inability to deal with confrontations 22
Have an immediate family member with a mental disorder 21
Extreme hatred to conflict 20
Perfectionism 20
Workaholism (when manic/hypomanic or mixed episode) 15
Unjustified hot temper and irritability for the first 10-30 mins upon waking up 15
Hair Trigger Temper 15
Excessive and unpractical intuition at times 15
Avoidance of romantic relationships 14
Manic Spending Spree 14
Type A behaviour (especially when manic/hypomanic) 14
Leg or foot swinging when anxious or hypo 11
Existential and Identity crisis 11
Purposely destroying relationships 9
Wishing for death to be able to escape the world 7
Estrangement 7
Bibliomania 3