The Hurt Locker

The Hurt Locker
by Herman Le Roux – Co-founder of BSB

We all have something inside us that I like to call the Hurt Locker. It’s a place where we keep all our hurt, pain and sadness. It’s a place that we as people with mental illness so often go to. For some of us it’s a small place, for others it’s a huge overpowering place that consumes us. Sometimes it’s created when we are children and we go and hide there to get away from our parents, from teachers, from siblings, from monsters that hide under the bed. Some of us spend thousands to have other people go into that locker and try to get all the hurt out. Sometimes it works sometimes it does not. Sometimes we take medication to try and dull the content. Sometimes we turn to drugs, we consume alcohol or we turn to inner violence. The hurt locker is often open and people that should be the anchors in our lives go in there freely and cause more hurt. Sometimes the hurt becomes so overpowering that we swallow hundreds of pills or cut our veins. For some the hurt locker is a safe place because it is all they know. Sometimes the hurt locker has prevented you from finishing school, from maintaining a job or a relationship. Sometimes people judge what you keep in there and judge your faith, your beliefs and choices.

Maybe the time has come that the door is closed for good. Maybe it’s time that some of us close and lock the door and refuse entry. Maybe we can put a Ghandalf or a Peter Pan as a guard. Maybe it’s the God you believe in that will turn those away that want to add more hurt to the locker.

The keys to the hurt locker are in your own hands, only you can decide who have access. Maybe it’s time that we choose the friends we will allow in there. Maybe it’s time we shun the warmongers that want to add more hurt with the shame they deserve.