Feeding Depression

Feeding Depression.

I have in my years on the net and with support groups seen a common thread through the lives of Beepers. They all seem to feed their own depression. This result in a circle of pain that seem to never end or end in disaster. Feeding depression is often done in the following ways.

– Drinking alcohol
– Using narcotics
– Depressing music
– Posting the same repetitive posts
– Not responding to positive comments
– Suicidal ideation
– Picking fights
– Sleeping too much
– Sleeping to little
– Excessive smoking
– Comfort food eating
– Self loathing
– Wallowing in misery
– Avoiding people
– Taking medication incorrectly
– Multiple group posting
– Looking for sympathy comments

All of the above can be a cry for help or it can be feeding your depression. Depression can be fed and the more you feed it the more it will fester. The best way to deal with depression is with positive though processes, active action, a good diet and to talk, but not in negative terminology. Laughing, being silly and funny also assists so much in lifting depression. Depression is NOT to be taken lightly. But it is also not to be fed. Depression is like an Internet troll. The more you feed it, the more often it return and the uglier it gets. You do have some influence on this and you can at least not make it worse even if you cant make it better 🙂

© Herman H Le Roux