Diagnosis of Bipolar

Only a medical Doctor – usually a Psychiatrist can diagnose you with Bipolar Disorder. A general practitioner or another specialist can also but it is preferable that a Psychiatrist does it.

A psychologist, herbal practitioner, counselor, priest, nurse, Psychiatric nurse and family member can NOT diagnose you with Bipolar Disorder.

Online testing can give you an indication but cannot be used as an accurate diagnostic tool. There are no tests for Bipolar Disorder other than psychological to give an indication. Medically there are at this stage no tests. Psychiatrists diagnose Bipolar based on feedback, monitoring, experimenting with medication and experience. Bipolar Disorder is one of the most complex disorders there are. Treating it with ignorance and chopping and changing medications without a Doctor’s consent is irresponsible.

It is important to have your diagnosis confirmed and treated by a medical Doctor.