Being “labeled” Bipolar

Being “labeled” Bipolar does not mean you accept some sort of defeat.

It means you accept that you have been diagnosed with a mental disorder.

The stigma surrounding mental illness is in part to be at the door of the sufferer.

If we cannot accept the label or rather diagnosis then the general public will do it even less.

It is not about being labeled.

It is about accepting, integrating and treating Bipolar and other mental health issues.

Denying anyone treatment including your child or yourself because you do not want the label is going to end in sadness for you.

Accept it, integrate it and be a healthy happy person that just happens to have an illness or disorder.

The more we educate ourselves about our own mental illness regardless of what it is, the more we are able to educate others and help them understand what it is like for a person with mental health problems.

Its not just the media, our ruling governments or our doctors that have to get the info out there, “WE” as people with a mental health problem also have to do our part.

If we dont speak out, how can people understand us, support us, and realize that having a mental health problem, doesn’t mean we have to be locked away or called crazy.

We can also function just like everyone else, when we have the proper support, medication (if needed) and good wellness/crisis plans in place.

© Herman H Le Roux & Zara Hilton 2013