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I haven’t even been a member for a week and I have not just received support but already made some new great friends!!! Thank you so much for this group/community! It has saved my life and my sanity! – DEC 2012

Can I just say a big thank you to this group. for the first time in years i don’t feel lost or stupid or “crazy”. I feel cared about and wanted. For me to open up about the year i have had, my daily head battles is huge. so thank you for being my rock when i’m struggling with my head. xox – DEC 2012

I am letting my treatment team in on this…..They will be so happy that I have found a group of people, who have,or is just dealing with the bp….I know in the last week, for me, being here, has help me learn some new ways to dealing….I am not alone…..Thank you so much….I just don’t know how to tell you what I am feeling….Starting a new family for me…but a family that really understands…but this will be my safe place…All of this is bring me to tears, Happy tears….A happiness that I have not felt in a very long time….So to all of the newbies. This is a place to really feel at home with your feelings, good or bad, a place to get support, and a place to help support….I just can’t say enough………Love you all….thanks… – DEC 2012

This is the BEST Bipolar support group on FB, and I’ve been a part of a few. Great job sharing everyone, this is true healing!

I just love this group! I have never been able to have a conversation with someone who knows where I am coming from. Thanks everyone : )

This is awesome! it is confidential~ doesn’t show up on my home page. I love it. You guys rock!

I am so PROUD to Be Part of such A Wonderful group 🙂

I think that this group is a very positive way of support for what you guys go through. I think that the “normal” people out there can learn a lot about support in support groups. Great Job!

Just wanted to say, I’ve only been with you guys a week but you’ve all made me feel so welcome n like I’m part of a big loving family so Thank You xx

I love this group. I went to the NAMI “consumers” group for a while, but was very uncomfortable. I feel very comfortable on here and it is wonderful bouncing things off other people like me. Sometimes it is so hard to try to talk to people that has not experienced the ups, downs, rage and joy we feel. I don’t feel so isolated

I just wanted to thank you all for being such a wonderful support for both me and one of my family members, especially recently. Knowing that there is a group of people to talk to and get support from any time of the day is such a comfort, and I just wanted to thank you all. *hugs*

I just wanted to say, I am thankful for this group !!! But being bipolar isn’t a bad thing. It’s just what we were born with. Much love to everyone ♥

I have to say this is like the best group ever, everyone in here is so supportive of each other and I ♥ that

I think you do a REMARKABLE job and I’m so blessed to be able to converse with people and feel like part of a family…we ALL get overwhelmed and it’s perfectly human…emphasis on the perfect!

I want to thank everyone on this site! I have only joined a few days now but having all your support and people to talk to that can relate to me…well..I don’t feel as abnormal anymore…I’m not alone anymore

Just want to say THANKS ALL for your support..since I found this site I feel like I found where I belong!

On here, someone seems to always give good advice and everyone seems to really care about the welfare of the other people. I appreciate that a lot. KUDOS to Bipolar(s) Supporting Bipolars. 🙂

The group has picked up for me where my city’s resources have left off 🙂

wow. I feel like I have just walked into a room full of friends. Thank you x

I just need to express my gratitude to all of you for your honesty and for your “braveness” in talking about your struggles, worries, and issues. I’ve been in tears (GOOD tears) MANY times reading your posts and comments. I’m not alone!!!!!!! What a wonderful feeling!!! I’m not the only one feeling these things!!! How comforting…and I feel so “safe” here. I feel like all these ups and downs and difficult emotions are OKAY here. THANK YOU!!! Bless you!!

sorry to keep on about this but again I love this group its a godsend!

I tried to find support like this for years and years but I never seemed to meet enough people like me….the world wide web has made a difference in my life and so has this group!

I would like to thank all for welcoming me into this group with open arms, its so good to see I’m not alone and there are people who care.

This is the only place I feel truly accepted.

Of all the places I have posted I must agree this is one of the few where it does feel like I am not alone.


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