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Here are the current events we are running on Facebook.

Please feel free to add yourself to these events if your interested. Also please do share with your friends.

We also run competitions with real prizes from time to time

Show your support for someone with Bipolar Disorder

June 15th 2013 Location: Facebook

We did an event similar to this in 2011 and got over 6,000 attendees. Lets see if we can break it this year.Choose the event pic as your profile pic for the day and show someone with Bipolar Disorder that you care about him or her. It may not be much but if that is all that you can give then maybe it will be enough….. 🙂
Items for BSB Calendar
Open until 30 Nov 2013 Location: Facebook
This event is for the group members to place their items that they would like to see in the BSB Calendar for 2014.
Click on the picture to be taken to the Facebook event.

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