Review of our Group

We recently had our group on Facebook reviewed, and are really please on the outcome. March 2013

This is the review that we had….


0 – Should be deleted. Troll group. Overrun by Spam.
1 – Extremely Poor. Offers no support, is not administrated.
2 – Very poor. Offers very little to no support, is poorly administrated.
3 – Poor. Offers very little support, is poorly administrated.
4 – Sub below average. Offers little support, is poorly administrated.
5 – Below average. Offers below average support, is poorly administrated.
6 – Average. Offers average support, is medium administrated.
7 – Above average. Offers above average support, is well administrated.
8 – Good. Offers good support. Is well administrated.
9 – Very Good. Offers very good support. Is well to very well administrated.
10. Exceptional. Offers exceptional support. Is very well to exceptionally administrated.
Areas of review
Is the group open or closed? The group is closed. Posts do not show on private pages. Only members see posts. All new members are greeted by several members/admins.

• Is the group administrated? 9.5 score The group has an administration base of 16 Administrators according to their documents. The group regularly updates new administrators.

Do administrators comment on questions? 8.8 score Mostly. Most posts are commented on, either by members or administrators.

What are the spam levels of the group? 10 score Zero. The group has zero spam.

What is the troll activity on the group? 10 score Zero. The group has zero troll activity.

Are the administrators knowledgeable on the group subject? 9 score Yes, the administrators seem highly knowledgeable on the subject matter. Where questions are not answered directly, links are posted to information.

Does the group allow non-related posts? 7.5 score Yes, but it seems that this is limited.

Member numbers. The group has a member base of over 800 members.

• Are administrators readily available? 8.5 score Yes, administrators seem to be readily available.

What else does the group offer? 8.5 score The group seem to offer a variety of other services. Currently a competition is promoted. The group posts from a page ‘Bipolar Groups United on Facebook’ that seems to be connected with the group. The group posts uplifting material, links to related material, music videos, humor and other subject matter.

General comments on the group.

The group seem very well administrated. Administrators are active in the group. The members and the administrators seem to have a close bond. There are highly active members and administrators. The group has group guidelines that the members are referred to. The guidelines are generally thorough and provides a good guideline as to the managing of the group. The group is strict with posts regarding sensitive issues, advertising or spamming and poor quality.

The group has an excellent overall impression. All administrators seem to be volunteers and have an above average to excellent subject knowledge.

The group has an excellent website.

The group is a very supportive group and a well-managed group. Highly recommended.

Rating 9.1




Here’s is the link to the Facebook Page that do reviews of Mental Health Groups and Pages on Facebook

The Rate and Review Bunch


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