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Welcome to our BSB App Page.

Here you will will be able to download our BSB Community App for Android and IOS.

We do have any advertising on our app.

Features include:

  • Our own Social Network
  • Chat Room
  • Radio Stations
  • YouTube Videos
  • Helplines
  • Our Social Network Sites

Here is a few screenshots of Our App

Our Menu Screen

BSB Social Network




Google Drive










Sorry that it isn’t so easy to install as Android. I am looking for an alternative to the App Store, so that in future, it will be easier to download.

I will include a screenshot of the below instructions.

  • With IOS, you will first have to download the file to your computer.
  • Once that is done, open iTunes, connect your device,
  • Click file (top left hand side), add file to Library, choose the location where you have downloaded the app to, then press ok.
  • Go to your device on iTunes, then click on apps, which will then bring a list of your apps.
  • Click the BSB Community app install button,
  • Then press sync, at the bottom. App on t installed on your apple device.
  • NOTE: You will need to go to settings, device management, Appy Pie LLC and press trust for the app to work



Click to Enlarge

itunes 2

itunes 1 itunes 3

Verifying BSB App on iPhone/iPad

ipad 1ipad 2ipad 3

A pdf file of these instructions, can be downloaded HERE


This is still in it’s infancy, so if you do come across any problems, please do email us, through our contact page, with the heading BSB Community App.

Many Thanks



Being “labeled” Bipolar

Being “labeled” Bipolar does not mean you accept some sort of defeat.

It means you accept that you have been diagnosed with a mental disorder.

The stigma surrounding mental illness is in part to be at the door of the sufferer.

If we cannot accept the label or rather diagnosis then the general public will do it even less.

It is not about being labeled.

It is about accepting, integrating and treating Bipolar and other mental health issues.

Denying anyone treatment including your child or yourself because you do not want the label is going to end in sadness for you.

Accept it, integrate it and be a healthy happy person that just happens to have an illness or disorder.

The more we educate ourselves about our own mental illness regardless of what it is, the more we are able to educate others and help them understand what it is like for a person with mental health problems.

Its not just the media, our ruling governments or our doctors that have to get the info out there, “WE” as people with a mental health problem also have to do our part.

If we dont speak out, how can people understand us, support us, and realize that having a mental health problem, doesn’t mean we have to be locked away or called crazy.

We can also function just like everyone else, when we have the proper support, medication (if needed) and good wellness/crisis plans in place.

© Herman H Le Roux & Zara Hilton 2013


Diagnosis of Bipolar

Only a medical Doctor – usually a Psychiatrist can diagnose you with Bipolar Disorder. A general practitioner or another specialist can also but it is preferable that a Psychiatrist does it.

A psychologist, herbal practitioner, counselor, priest, nurse, Psychiatric nurse and family member can NOT diagnose you with Bipolar Disorder.

Online testing can give you an indication but cannot be used as an accurate diagnostic tool. There are no tests for Bipolar Disorder other than psychological to give an indication. Medically there are at this stage no tests. Psychiatrists diagnose Bipolar based on feedback, monitoring, experimenting with medication and experience. Bipolar Disorder is one of the most complex disorders there are. Treating it with ignorance and chopping and changing medications without a Doctor’s consent is irresponsible.

It is important to have your diagnosis confirmed and treated by a medical Doctor.

30 Day Action Plan Towards A Better Happier And Healthier Bipolar Person

30 Day Action Plan Towards A Better Happier And Healthier Bipolar Person

I devised this 30 day action plan for you towards a better happier and healthier Bipolar life. I am not a medical doctor and any questions you have should always be discussed with your medical professional.

This plan is based on personal experience and can be adapted for your own lifestyle.

I have chosen 10 areas that Beepers seem to have the most difficulty with or areas that seem to assist them and then I have a 3 day action plan for each area.

As with anything this is only a guide. Use what works for you and discard what does not.

Areas of action

1. Medication, relaxation, therapy and meditation.
2. Diet, narcotics and alcohol.
3. Exercise.
4. Friends, socializing and relationships.
5. Caring, reaching out and accepting.
6. Feeding your depression or mania.
7. Facebook and Social networking.
8. Pets, plants and nature.
9. Hobbies and craft.
10. Sleep.

Starting Monday 15 April I will comment on this with the next step of your action plan. After 30 days you can report back on how it assisted, did not assist or whatever feedback you have.

Take the 30 day challenge towards a better and happier BP. In the end, being happy is what we all strive for.

(If you are in therapy try the above. If you are not in therapy, investigate the possibility of starting, even if it is only once a month)

You can find days 1 to 3 on our Facebook Support Page

30 Day Action Plan Towards A Better Happier And Healthier Bipolar Person
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Copyright Herman H Le Roux 2013 (Co-Founder of BSB)